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Patroness Of Our School


  1. Evaluation is seen as an integral part built in to the teaching learning process so there will be a Continuous and Cjomprehensive Evaluation (CCE) That covers all aspects of students development. To give due recognition to both scholastic and co-scholastic aspects in CCE we include both Formative and summative (FA1, FA2,FA3,FA4) (SA1,SA2) assessments. There will be two terminal examinations which include both formative test (Project, Quizzes, Group work, conversation Skills, Assignments, Oral Questions) and Summative (MCQs, Short Answer, Long Answer) test with flexible timings written at the end of the term.
  2. Anyone found indulging in malpractice during the examination is liable to be debarred from future examination.
  3. The result declared at the end of the year is final and can not be reconsidered, In all matters of promotion or failure the Principal’s decision is final. Answer Scripts shall not be shown.
  4. Parents/Guardians are requested to examine the progress report of their wards and return it duly, signed to the Class Teacher within three days. Kindly do not write any remark on the Progress Report.
  5. Those who lose or damage the Progress Report shall pay a fine of 50/-
  6. Each student is required to be present for 80% of school days as the pre-conditions form promotion.
  7. Signature found in the Progress Report card should be identical with the specimen signature found in the diary.
  8. Grades are given to the children after each examination. No grade will be given if a child has failed or was absent in any subject.

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