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Mother's and Father's Day Celebration
  • Event Date: 11-May-2024
  • Updated On: 11-May-2024
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Description: On 11 May 2024, St. Mary's Convent Sr Sec School hosted a heartwarming celebration to honor the invaluable contributions of mothers and fathers in the school. The event commenced with an introduction, setting the tone for a day filled with appreciation and gratitude. The highlight of the celebration was the heartfelt gesture extended to our teacher-mothers. Students presented them with specially crafted greeting cards, symbolizing the admiration and respect they hold for these remarkable individuals. This gesture was followed by a prayer service, uniting everyone in reflection and thanksgiving. One of the most poignant moments of the day was the touching skit, which beautifully portrayed the selfless love and sacrifices of mothers. The fusion dance performance added a vibrant touch to the event, captivating the audience and conveying appreciation through artistic expression. A poem dedicated to mothers further emphasized their significance in shaping our lives and nurturing our dreams. The photo session provided an opportunity to capture precious memories with our beloved mother-teachers, immortalizing the bond shared between educators and students. In a heartening surprise, the celebration extended to father-teachers as well, acknowledging their importance and impact. Father-teachers were presented with greeting cards and treated to a special dance performance dedicated to them. A dedicated photo session ensured that fathers too were honored and celebrated for their role in shaping the lives of students. The Mother's and Father's Day celebration served as a poignant reminder of the love, dedication, and sacrifices that define the noble journey of parenthood.