Principal's Message

“Education is not the name of any degree or certificates that can be shown to others as a proof…. but education is the name of our attitude, actions, language, behavior and personality with others in real life.”

My Dear parents, teachers, students, and well wishers,

Winners from all walks of life have their own strategies and plans but they all have one thing in common…. they TRY. Keep trying. St. Mary’s emphasis holistic development of every student. Our School Almanac is a guide to all the activities and events of our school. Our school fosters systematic planning and purposeful participation in all activities for the students.

”It is the Lord who gives wisdom, from Him come knowledge and understanding.” Here, true to the motto of our school ‘ LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE’ students are enabled to imbibe the light of wisdom and let it reflect in their daily life.

“ There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells it is going to be a butterfly.” Our dedicated, effective and multi disciplinary team of teachers has the vision and insight to see what the children entrusted to their care become. They accept every child as such and engage themselves in the transformative process; explore new ways to teach them the value of time and discipline, commit enthusiastically to stimulate their creativity and ignite curiosity, accompany them in their journey towards excellence installing in them ‘A passion for whatever is true and right.’

Dear students,

If wealth is lost, nothing is lost….If health is lost, something is lost….. If character is lost, everything is lost….. This is a famous saying which encourages all to go an extra mile and grow up in wholeness. Take extreme care to practice our shared values…. Respect, Honesty, Responsibility, Discipline and Achievement to own the profile of a true St. Marian. While you should be proud of your Alma Mater, you also should know the great responsibility you hold to keep up the sacredness of joyful learning experience in the School . Continue to be trustworthy students and never taint your good name and the name of your School. May you truly understand the meaning and beauty of Growing Up In Health And Wholeness

In profound gratitude I raise my heart to the God of wisdom and knowledge who goes ahead of us singing a saga of thanksgiving. May he constantly watch over us and may Mother Mary patroness our School guide and protect every child who passes through the portal of our school. Thank you .

May The Angel Of God Walk With You, To Guard, Guide And Protect You.

Sr. Rosemine