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  • Event Date: 26-Jan-2024
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Description: The Republic Day Celebration at our school was a resounding success, filled with patriotic fervor and enthusiasm. The event commenced with the dignified unfurling of the national flag, symbolizing our commitment to unity and sovereignty. A spirited March past by our disciplined students showcased their dedication to the nation. The cultural segment featured captivating dances and soul-stirring songs, reflecting the rich diversity and cultural heritage of our country. Speeches delivered by students emphasized the significance of Republic Day and its importance in upholding democratic values. The highlight of the event was the address by our esteemed chief guest, Rev. Fr. Lakwin Fernando, Director JSKS ,whose insightful words inspired both students and faculty alike. In essence, the celebration was a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, fostering a sense of patriotism and pride among the participants. The entire program was a testament to our collective commitment to the ideals enshrined in our Constitution.