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  • Event Date: 10-Jul-2024
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Description: HIDDEN TALENTS SHOW (CLASSES L.K.G. - XII) On July 10, 2024, our school hosted the much-anticipated "Show Your Hidden Talents" competition, showcasing the incredible diversity and depth of skills possessed by students from classes LKG to XII. This event was an excellent platform for students to step beyond their academic routines and shine in various creative and performing arts. Participants from the lower kindergarten (LKG) to the senior-most class (XII) took to the stage to display a wide range of talents. The younger students charmed the audience with their innocent yet impressive acts, including singing, dancing, recitations, and simple magic tricks. Their performances were met with loud cheers and applause, encouraging them and building their confidence. Overall, the "Show Your Hidden Talents" competition was a resounding success. It not only provided a platform for students to exhibit their hidden talents but also fostered a sense of community and school spirit. The event reminded everyone that every student has unique abilities waiting to be discovered and celebrated.